Tuesday, September 8, 2015

When Holy Moly is an Understatement

Holy Moly.

Or maybe I should say holy guacamole.

Mmm. Guacamole.

So I’m sort of late on this blog post. I know, I know. I’m a slacker. I need the dunce hat. Somebody put me in a corner and threaten to take away my PS4 controller rights.
So, as some know, I have awesome-possum news. News that I really haven't shared with anybody in real life other than the writing community, because... well, just because. Maybe one of these days I will fix that. Most people, in my life, are very 'meh' about anything and everything I do. I actively seek to avoid that kind of thing. Thus, the silence.
But this news cannot be contained. So what IS this news I speak of??
Scroll to find out!
Keep scrolling...

Almost there....
Wait, what? What the duce is Pitch Wars? Is it a singing thingymabob? A foot race? A pie-eating contest?
Nope. It's something so, so much cooler.
In short terms, it's a writing contest--but not just any writing contest. A little over one hundred industry professionals (published, agented authors, interns, etc), choose one mentee to mentor for two months. This means dissecting their story, getting to the nitty-gritty, and guiding their mentee to make their manuscript shine. Blood and tears are not optional.
For more information on Pitch Wars, hosted by the amazing Brenda Drake, click here.
There were 1,591 entrants this year! And a little over one hundred spots, which roughly translates to around a 6% chance of getting a mentor.
When my title was on the Master List (The Zer0 Maker), I freaked the hell out and ugly cried for about thirty minutes. I called my mom. She cried. My CP's send me emails, and all of a sudden I had like fifty twitter notifications. Holy WOWZA.
The lovely (and amazing!) Sharon Johnston is my mentor. Also, you should check out the cover reveal for her stunning book, DIVIDED: An Open Heart Novel!
So why is this post late? Well, I've submerged myself in edits on The Zer0 Maker. I LOVE working with Sharon; she just gets my novel! And she has some seriously adorable cats. Seriously.
One of the biggest rewards here was the writing community. I learned so much and gained so many friends. If anyone is on the fence about entering Pitch Wars in the future, DO IT! It's a win-win either way--and you get to meet fabulous writers who are made up of 100% awesomesauce!
Do it. For realsies. It's worth it.
So there is my big news. *wipes brow*
Now I'm off to edit, edit, edit, until the agent round.
I will make a another blog post about it then. Until then, much luck and positive energy going into Pitch Wars! Yay!