Monday, August 10, 2015

#PitchWars Mentee Post

Sup? :D

I'm sort of new to this whole blog thing, which is why I almost didn't do a #PitchWars Mentee post. I'm a new blogger in general, and I'm still trying to figure out how to drive this thing. I've been slacking (aw) because of work (ick), but it's totally okay, because now I get to hang out with the awesome writing community!

And you can tell I'm a gamer, right? *points to Cryaotic pic above*

This is also my first #PitchWars contest, and I am ecstatic. I've been stalking the twitter feed and getting to know writers, and it has truly been a humbling experience. Oh, and I've been stalking my mentor picks as well. *is unashamed*

I was also in #PitchMadness earlier this year and met some truly amazing people. I met a CP and even a good friend. Which is why I totally wanted to participate this time around. So I'm choking back my shyness and diving right in!

A little bit about me. (Now is when people totally think I am weird and run away at full speed). Kidding. Mostly.

- I write YA. I graduated high school last year, (WAH? I know I'm young...*blushes*) so the whole YA scene/high school setup is still pretty fresh in my brain. I still haven't matured. (Much). But I'm a kid at heart, and I have a feeling I will always be.

                                                       I'm a cupcake! I'm a cupcake! So jelly tho.

-I am a sophomore in college. Officially. I start my second year in one week. When I graduated, I didn't take a breather. That fall, I enrolled at a state university (full time) for a degree in English literature, and worked two jobs on top of that. Yea. Sounds crazy. But I did it!

- I'm a part time computer technician for my university. I worked at their technology office for over a year, and they eventually decided I was actually good enough to work on computers. (Lawl).

-I'm a part time barista. Macchiato, anyone? (I've heard that's cliché for a writer, but, yanno...)

- I’m a huge nerd. No… seriously. Every Monday the campus nerds (along with myself) get together for game night on the second floor dormitory lounge. We play Cards Against Humanity, Minecraft, Destiny, you name it. Favorite game ever? Has to be Majora's Mask or Silent Hill: Downpour. Five Nights at Freddy's 1, 2, + 3 are pretty chill too. (If not terrifying).

- I slide one Dragon Ball Z reference into conversation at least once a day, sometimes without the other person noticing it. Just Saiyan.

-I am also proudly genderqueer, and I write a diverse cast of characters. I love all of my characters. I hope others will as well.

-I love editing/reading/writing. I feel like this one's obvious. *blushes again*

Whew. So there's that. *wipes brow*

I am currently working on a YA psychological horror novel with paranormal elements. It's about a demonic computer virus that demands you spread it or else. *cues dramatic music* My MC catches the virus and tries to stay alive and sane, all while dealing with a hot-headed computer geek who may or may not help her quarantine it.

So yea. That's about it!

Thanks for stopping in, and I wish everybody good luck and lots of positive energy for #PitchWars!!

*dissipates into a cloud of smoke*

*poofs back*

Oops, forgot my hat.

*poofs away for real this time*