Friday, June 5, 2015

Murphy's Law: If It Can Go Wrong, It Probably Will

And this week has been a douche bag. In terms of writing, I have done nothing. No editing. No revising. I'm either too busy at work or too busy with other things. (Insert crybaby noise here). Yea, I'm venting. But I also have some good things to share, so bear with me!

The happiness from the success of my recently completed novel was short lived.

In the last week, the following craptastic events have taken place:

-Gansters shot and killed a man, dumping his body in the river near my work

-Record flooding left me stranded coming home from work at eleven at night... near the place where the body was dumped (yea, how convenient)

-My grandmother (who adopted me) is in the hospital, has been all week, and will be all weekend for pneumonia

-My work called, asking if I could work weekends from now on. (I work two jobs, one at a technology office, and one at a coffee shop). Which is super cool, 'cept now my only day off is Wednesday

-A recent epiphany led me to rewrite the last 5k on my manuscript, but I haven't got around to it because life

-I stubbed my toe on the entertainment center this morning

-I went to save a baby turtle's life on the flood bottoms last weekend (he was crossing the road), and before I went to go grab him, some asshole ran him over right in front of me

-I have a really bad toothache that is seriously making me want to pull it out my damn self with a pair of pliers. (I did this already with one). Take a couple shots of whiskey and you are good to go

-Just kidding about the whiskey thing

-One of my fellow coworkers farted on me in the damn elevator this morning and laughed about it

-While writing this post, a fire alarm went off in my department and I had to evacuate the building

Don't judge me 'cause I'm on the web at work. (I'm actually on break if you wanna get technical).

Now the good things that happened this week:

-I'm still alive

-I'm getting a really badass blog banner, designed by a wickedly talented pal on QT. (Seriously. I saw the direction the final product was heading in and it was pretty boss)

-I built a really cool house in the Sims 3... (It functions too, which means my Sims aren't getting stuck in the hallway wall this time)

-I only cried for thirty-five minutes while watering my spice garden

The last one is a personal victory. *Gets emotional*

...It's a work in progress.

So yea, that's been my week. It sucks, but I should be thankful that it didn't end up worse.

I'm just going to focus on editing, since that's the biggest thing I need to do.

So... I'm going to do that now, before another fire alarm goes off or something prevents me from doing it. Cheers.

And remember--haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.


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